About LedMeGrow

LedMeGrow is part of Varipar Distribution BV, Varipar focusses on innovative developments which contribute to our everyday lifes, but also bares in mind that energy consumption needs to get lower and it always has to add value to everybodies daily lifes. 

LedMeGrow is started in thougths about ten years ago, unfortunately the techniques used where not developed far enough to compete to the traditional technology solutions of that time. Today it is already possible to achieve better results then traditional solutions, our expectation for the future is that it will be even better, with less power consumption in the future. 

LedMeGrow develops and delivers solutions for homegrowers of herbs and veagetables, but also flowers or tropical plants VariPar delivers specialized products for professional growers of all types of vegetation, and set its goal to make the solutions cheaper, use less energy and more important... Saver then today's products on the market. LetMeGrow works with high class products made in certified factory's, all products can be custom made or adjusted straight from the factory, and almost every month we succeed in bringing in new innovations. 

LedMeGrow lightning solutions, part of VariPar distribution BV
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